Date: 9th August 2016
M Type Grey IP68 Waterproof Plastic Cable Glands
type grey IP68 waterproof plastic cable glandsProduct name: M?type GREY?IP68 waterproof plastic cable glands Material: Metric, PG Working temperature:-40? to 100?in static state,instaneous heat resistance up to120?;-20?to8?in dynamic state, instantaneousheat resistance up to 100? Color: Black, white,Light grey, as well as special colors that can be designed at request.?Characteristics: Special design of clamping die and rubber part?,large?range in?clamping cable, ultra-strong stretching resistance,?waterproof,?dustproof,?and high ability to resist salt,acid, alkali, alcohol?,grease and general solvent.Technical Data of our cable glandsMODEL CABLE RANGE(MM) THEAD O.D. L2(MM) THEAD LENGTH L1(MM) SPANNEI SIZE A&E(MM) PCS M12?1.53-6.512918/16100/6000M12?1.52-512918/16100/6000M16?1.54-816922/19100/4000M16?1.52-616922/19100/4000M18?1.55-1018924/22100/2500M18?1.53-718924/22100/2500M20?1.56-11201027/24100/2000M20?1.55-9201027/24100/2000M22?1.510-13221030/27100/1700M22?1.57-12221030/27100/1700M24?1.512-15241030/28100/1600M24?1.510-12241030/28100/1600M25?1.512-15251131/28100/1000M25?1.510-12251131/28100/1000M27?1.513-18271235/33100/1000M27?1.59-16271235/33100/1000M30?1.516-21301237/35100/800M30?1.513-18301237/35100/800M32?1.516-21321238/35100/800M32?1.513-18321238/35100/800M36?1.518-25361245/4250/500M36?1.513-20361245/4250/500M40?1.522-32401552/5220/360M40?1.520-26401552/5220/360M50?1.532-38501862/5820/220M50?1.525-31501862/5820/220M63?1.537-44631872/6420/240M63?1.529-35631872/6420/240M71?1.542-507128.983/77?M71?1.532-407128.983/77?M80?255-62802190?M88?256-668821100?M90?266-779021100?Our Services 1. We accept clients' special design and we will make our best to help ?clients to make the design become product. 2. We will protest your business in your sales area, protect ideas of design and all your private information. 3. Our experienced staff will give you early reply within 24hours. ? You can choose to send email or talk with us by phone or email!? 4. Delivery time: 3-10 days (Depend on your order quantity) after confirm order. 5. Payment terms: T/T,Western Union,L/C ,PayPal Notice: Free sample can be applied. The freight need you pay for.Factory show We are Manufacturer: We are Manufacturer: Factory Picture of Cable glands Packaging & ShippingPacking Choose and Custom servic Common Packing: 100Pcs + Polybag + Label + Export CartonCustomized Packing: Header card packing, Blister with card packing, Double blister packing, Canister packing, other packing can be supplied according customers request.Delivery?of cable glands? Certificate we have: FAQ Questions and Answers: Contact us immediately:?Add:Chongshi Industrial Zone,?Northbaixiang?yueqing,?Wenzhou?,?Zhejiang.P.R.C. Tel:86-577-61890088 61891002 Fax:86-577-61890188 Mail:boese4@boese.cn Web:www.china-cable-tie.com